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Price: $21.80
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    This card provides $20 of long distance calling to your friends or family in Europe and all over the World.

    Dialing Instructions       Minute Rouding Fee's Customer Service Expiration
    1. Using a touchtone phone dial access number. 2. When prompted, enter your PIN number. 3. For calls within US (Except Alaska) to the U.S., Canada and the Caribbean; DIAL 1 + AREA CODE + TELEPHONE NUMBER. 4. For calls to any other country: DIAL 011+ COUNTRY CODE + CITY CODE + TELEPHONE NUMBER. 1 minute Rounding Payphone Fee : 0.99¢ Maintenance Fee : 0.49¢ 1-800-360-8802 3 months


    Effective Date: October 1st, 2012 The rates listed below are based on usng the 903 Area code access number printed on the phone card. Calls made from the following states, US territories & Canada using the toll free access number beginning with 800, 866, 877, 888 will incur an additional per minute fee as follows:

    Continental USA: 2.0c 
    Alaska - Bush: 32.5c 
    Alaska - Non Bush: 5.7c 
    Canada: 4.4c 
    Guam: 8.9c 
    Hawaii:  2.8c 
    Puerto Rico: 6.0c 
    US Virgin Islands: 6.4c 

    Other Fee's

    • If calling from a payphone 99c per call. 
    • Weekly Mainenance Fee: 49 c beginning at mightnight after 1st call attempt 
    • Hang Up Surcharge: 30% in addition to applicable rates is applied at the end of each call.
    • All calls are billed in 1-minute increments with a 1 minute minimum charge per call.

    903 Area Code

    Please dial 1-903-212-3885 (English/Spanish) and follow the voice prompts.

    Toll Free*

    Please dial 1-800-352-0148 (English/Spanish) and follow the voice prompts.
    *(See 'Surcharges' for additional fee's)

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